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I’ve been a Leatherman all of my life.  Simple.

I haven’t always had the great gear that some Leathermen have – but that never stopped me.

When I turned 16 and was blessed with parents who bought me my own car, the first thing I did wasn’t take the car and show it off to my friends.  No.  I drove to Midvalley Shoe and Boot Repair where I bought my very first pair of leather pants.

Working at home in full leather on a snowed in January day.

And they were real biker leather pants – not fetish pants.  I’m sure someone at Mr. S would complain they didn’t fit right, hug right, or sit right on my body.  But who cared!  Wearing them was fucking heaven!  The thick leather and heft felt so good on my legs.

I wore them all the time – mostly in private because I was too freaked out about what people would say if I wore them in public.  But I wore them as often as I could – until they were cum stained and faded.

As we all know (and as I found out at a young age), buying leather gear only leads to the desire to BUY MORE LEATHER GEAR!

Soon after that I got my first pair of chaps.  Real, fucking biker chaps.  Heavy leather, outside zip, they hugged my growing muscular legs nicely.  I wore those chaps every time I had sex for the next 15 years.  My boyfriend at the time, who worked early mornings, would sometimes wake me up wearing those chaps – their smell permeating my dreams in the most seductive way.

I say all of this because leather is leather!  The brand of the leather, the make of the leather, the fetish store you go to doesn’t make it what it is.  You do!  I didn’t have any really “good” leather until I was about 30 years old – that means I lived in my MidValley Shoe and Boot Repair leathers for 14 years.  And I loved every second!

Because I was a LeatherMan, a LeatherFreak, a GearMan that leather brought me so much joy.  In fact, I’m currently wearing my MidValley Shoe and Boot Repair long sleeve leather shirt that I bought a few years ago when the one I bought at 19 was literally falling apart from so much wear.

Inside of MidValley Shoe & Boot Repair – they are still there 20 years later!

So… Number One – you make the gear!  The gear doesn’t make you!  If you have leather in your heart, in your soul – if you, like me – spend way too much time thinking about when you can next put on FULL leather gear… GO. BUY. SOME. GEAR!  Ebay, your local biker shop, the interwebs – there is cheap, inexpensive gear out there and it will make you feel amazing!

Oddly – everything above was not what I sat down to write about.  I wanted to write about #gear365 and what it has meant to me.

As the above paragraphs tell you, I am a proud LeatherMan who wears leather as often as he can.  I worked hard to change from the shy, embarrassed kid who wore leather pants in his room to someone who wears leather gear, in some form, every chance I get.  I mean, I get home from work, take of the few articles of leather I wore that day AND PUT MORE LEATHER ON.  I sleep in leather gear as often as I can.  Leather is my lifestyle and who I am – I am never more myself than when I am in leather.

Because leather is so much a part of my identity, I have worked very hard to make the wearing of leather a non-issue in my life.  And honestly – if the thought of doing that in your own life scares you, it shouldn’t.  I work with a ton of kids and conservative, Mormon parents – and I’ve still managed to do it!  I’m a dance teacher and I own my own dance studio.  When I really have to move/teach/direct, to be honest, I stick to cotton for the safety of my leather gear!  (Can you imagine… doing a leap and splitting the crotch or knee of your favorite leather pants?  I’d die!) But when I don’t have to teach or move a lot, leather is usually a part of my daily attire.

And my students LOVE it!  We joked just a few weeks ago about me being the only dance teacher in Utah who taught battements (that’s a big kick of the leg) in leather pants.  And when one of my student’s parents asked them what my favorite color was she replied, “Leather!”

So in a way, I’ve been living the #gear365 movement for many years.  But imagine my joy when I saw CalRider’s New Year’s video detailing #gear365 and decided to put it into practice as a resolution for 2018.

My shock came when I found that the simple idea, the simple goal of #gear365  meant so much to me.  To be honest, before the start of the year, I never picked my outfits with the #gear365 mentality in mind – BUT fucking hell, it made such a difference when I did!

I felt empowered.  I felt connected to my love of gear, of leather, of kink, of fetish.  I felt that I was nurturing something truly important in myself by allowing those simple questions to be the basis for something as simple as what I wore that day.  I was taking care of myself and giving voice to my inner leather soul in a way I hadn’t before.  (I thought I had been doing it – but I wasn’t!)

And then came the Facebook group where many moments of my day are now interrupted with amazingly hot pics of guys doing the same thing as me – WEARING GEAR!  Wearing what makes them feel the best, the hottest, the sexiest.  Making leather a part of every day life.

God Bless you Cal – you are a fucking inspiration!  Thank you for starting this movement and for taking so much time to show every one of us that leather has a place in everyday life.  That we as GearMen, LeatherMen, KinkMen have a personal duty and right to incorporate it into our lives every day.  And for showing us that we should be proud of who we are; that wearing our LEATHERS shows that to the world.

I always thought I knew this – but I don’t think ever started to truly LIVE IT, until #gear365.

You can find out more about #gear365 on Facebook  – Visit HERE for more info.

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