The Anti-Step Down Speech

#letsnottakeaselfie – the anti-step down speech for Title Holders everywhere….

I didn’t have as much time last night for my step down speech as I had hoped, so I’m posting this here.  I cut out some parts in the moment to get through it faster.  A very special thanks to Goddess Alysha Nicole for the brilliant hashtag additions to this speech – after the fact – and my sweet niece for running around town taking pictures with me in full hide.

Before I get to the step down bit, I’d like to take second and recognize a few people… #itsnotaboutme

If you were part of the Utah Leather Pride planning committee would you please stand up?  I’ve counted myself so lucky to get to spend Tuesday nights with you… it’s been a pleasure working by your side and thinking through this crazy event.  Thank you for your time, dedication and hard work and for building such an amazing event!

And if you were a volunteer at that event – I want to personally thank you SO much for your time and efforts!  We never could had done this without your help!  And for everyone in this audience, please consider volunteering next year – it’s an amazing way to help your community, take pride in all things leather, and watch some pretty sexy mother*****s walk around throughout the day!

Finally, I want to extend my deep gratitude to Andrew Love and Lady Syre Rose as the producers of the Leather SL,UT contest and titles.  You have vision for what this community needs and you see clearly what is possible when people come together in celebration, in action, and in service.  It’s been a supreme honor to count myself a SL,UT and I look forward to many more years in service to you two: you SL,UT MASTERS SUPREME!

And now, my step down speech…. #personalcreditisnotthereason

OMG! You guys!  I did it!  Can you believe it?  I did the thing!

It has been such a wonderful year… filled with moments when I got to do so much for you, the community!

I mean – I was everywhere!  You have no idea the places I’ve been!

I have touched SO many people!  I mean, even if you think I didn’t touch you… I did.  You were probably f*****g drunk.  But I did – I touched you!

And, I know it sounds like a cliché but this year has been about ME and what I accomplished.  And I accomplished so much – and, of course, I have to thank the producers… whatever… but I’ve grown, I’m a different person, I’m amazing!

One of the most rewarding part of my title year has been how VISABLE I’ve been.  I went most places with my trusty gin and tonic in my hand… and I listened… to the people.  I talked to people about how good I looked in my leather, how much they loved my outfits, about how cute and adorable I looked.         

And through it all, my dear friend and title daddy was there.   By my side.  Changing lives with me.  I couldn’t have done it without the help of Michael Sanders.  He always had my back.

And Angela – there are no words.  I just can’t… I can’t.

But now is the part of the speech where I define words for you… because that’s what title holders do.  

HONOR…. #honorandintegrityiswhatyoudowhennooneiswatching

COMMUNITY… #representthecommunitynotmyself

INTEGRITY… #trueserviceisnotameritbage

CAMP: ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical;

Camp really means something that’s over the top in its concept, that doesn’t go unnoticed and that has a sense of humor about it; but it’s not mainstream, and above all, it’s joyous and out of the ordinary … CAMP is the tool of gay men… we use it to get through life… to find fabulousness in every inch of the world when we have to been called names, torn down, beaten and bullied… but most of all CAMP reminds us – it reminds me – to never to take myself to seriously… life is too short… too precious… and I’d rather laugh at myself with my dearest friends gathered around than stand up here and sing my own praises.  And if CAMP won’t do… then the only thing left to do is DANCE!

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